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                                                                                         Created by: Michael Carroll
Hello, I'm Michael Carroll I'm 16 Years Old from Wheeling West Virginia. In 2003 I was diagnosed with Leukemia. After 3 years of treatments life returned to normal. On June 17th 2013 I was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Grade IV Brain Tumor due to the radiation treatment I received for Leukemia.

Once I got home from the hospital I came up with the idea of the "3 Meanies" based upon the 3 different types of childhood cancer.

Terry "The Terrible" Tumor
He is for children that have a tumor

Lily Lymphoma
She is for children that was diagnosed with Lymphoma

"Lousy" Louie Leukemia
He is for the child that has Leukemia

"I wanted to give something to the kids that they could take their anger out on. I thought of making these into a stress ball like toy that the kids can squeeze hard, punch or even throw them.

My ultimate goal is for every child diagnosed with cancer to get one during their treatment

-Michael Carroll


April 1st, 2014 Michael Received a Special Letter From the President of the United States    (click picture to enlarge)

   Check the White House Seal at the top of the letter, you can see it was stamped

On December 30th 2013 Michael had another MRI that showed his cancer has spread, below is his Facebook post.


        A Milestone Has Been Reached

December 17th 2013, Michael's dream came true and he handed out the First "Meanie" to a patient at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. We were all moved by this, it was a very important day that was a 1/2 year in the making. We all know how important this project is and with the 100% positive feedback from everybody that has received a Meanie we can't help but feel this project needs to go nationwide. Yes, we reached a very important milestone but, not our goal. We need to keep the ball rolling to make Michael's dream come true that every child with cancer can get a Meanie.

A Different Milestone: (This Time Distance)

January 14th 2014, Michael had a "Make-A-Wish" and he was granted a trip to Hawaii, Michael wanted to distribute his "meanies" all over the country so we started at the furthest place in the United States. We went to Children's Hospital in Hawaii and gave out the Meanies, They were well received. The pictures speak for themselves.

Michael wants to thank all of you that support his mission and his goal to get every child diagnosed with cancer a "meanie" we've seen positive results with children all over the area and are happy to see others joining in on Michael's cause, So thanks again for sharing us on all the social networks, we know with your help Michael's dream will become a reality. Keep up the good work

The Carroll Family

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