Welcome To The Michael's Meanies Store

                  If you would like to purchase Meanies or T-Shirts, you came to the right place! Here We Have The T-Shirts and The Meanies
               All profits from the sales of these items go towards purchasing new meanies and shipping to the kids in the hospitals for free!
                                                                                                 To Order Any Of These Items:
1) choose what you want and how many of each
2) T-Shirts are $13.50 each sizes S to X, XX or Larger is $15.00 each
3) Meanies are $3.00 each

This is where it's easier for you to email us tell us your items you want, how many and we will send you a quote
this is for you to get an accurate tabulation on your shipping costs, also if you are in the Wheeling area we can meet you and save you the shipping cost altogether. :)

We could use our "PayPal" on-line ordering system but there isn't much weight for the "meanies" so its hard to get an accurate shipping cost, that's why its easier to email or call/Fax us 

Click the "Email Orders" button on this page to email us or "Call/Fax Us"

When you receive the quote you can go to our Paypal Account (click Donate on the bottom of this screen)
Email Orders Call Us Fax Us
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