What We Do

Our Focus

We Provide Children's Cancer Hospitals and Child/Family Care Facilities dealing with the care of children dealing with life's most terrifying experience. With Michael's Meanies we are able to give that child a stress reliever that this child can take their frustrations and anger out on.   

These characters were created by Michael Carroll. They are designed with the intention of providing an outlet for children with cancer to take their frustrations out on. When a healthy child gets sick they get better in a few days, but when a child gets cancer and they don't know why they are sick for a long period of time they are given one of these stress relievers so they can visually see what's making them sick. 

Child Care Specialists will give the child these in the beginning of the worst thing that could happen to their family. 

We have letters from families and hospitals giving us positive feedback on the success of this project. So please consider Michael's Meanies for your monetary donation. 

Every dollar donated goes toward purchasing more "Meanies" and giving us the opportunity to provide free shipping these to the Facilities around the world because of your generosity.

Thank You for taking time in reading this, and helping us fulfill Michael's dream that every child diagnosed with cancer gets a "Meanie" during their treatments.
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